chapter 2 . greece with grace


EPISODE 8 | A Greek Goddess taught me how to Let go of Expectations

Don't let anybody having expectations on you: make your life's decisions based on your personal desires. This is what the greek sea whispered to me in a soft sunny day.

Let go of what no longer serves you, and embrace what you feel that belongs to you right now.

Like a Greek Goddess, feel free to embrace your own authentic power.


chapter 1 . California


EPISODE 1: INTRODUCTION | finding treasures

When you have been feeling uninspired, stuck in a routine living an inauthentic life instead of the one you wish to live; your sense of hopeless eventually gives birth to a deep exalted anger. Out of that place of being frustrated and stuck, you get tired, surrender and finally give yourself permission to blossom into a new dimension.

And so the journey begins. Finding treasures within myself and allowing them to be excavated is my next chapter. It leads me to abandon my routine life in Florence, Italy and taking a leap to travel to Venice Beach, California. California is a place where individuality is encouraged, mindsets are free from tradition and creativity is nurtured, you feel at home and allow the doors to your authentic self to open.

From this place of vulnerability, I begin to face my real self, step into my courage and become the woman I am. Reborn into a creative woman in love with finding herself through the places she loves most; the ocean, her voice, inner soul and her restless dreamer. I am the BeachWitch.


EPISODE 2 | The Lobster Meets The Desert

The lobster meets the desert and finds persistence, growth and sanctuary. Make yourself comfortable in your precious shell says the lobster, and give birth to your deepest desires with no fear and no surrender. Watching an orange dawn in the dry desert, the lobster realizes she's on the right path, and all the doubts belong to the past.

Yes, a lobster in the desert you ask and how is that even possible? I was blessed to receive an animal medicine tarot reading and this was my hidden message. It was a sign. I am reflected as a lobster. 
Do you believe in signs? Are you fully present in your daily life to have the awareness to identify these signs? I believe we are gifted with hidden messages daily. If we are fully present, we are in a vulnerable place of openness to receive clues to our lives.

In my next journey, I embark on a road trip to the desert of the Joshua Tree National Park - a mystical place where magic, stillness and beauty bestowed me. Nature not only gives us the power of life, but has a nurturing way of guiding us to our flow if we only listen.


EPISODE 3 | The turtle meets the ocean

You are your only limit. I hold the key to create my life’s path and make authentic choices. The turtle and its relationship with the ocean help me reflect the way I perceive balance and setting boundaries for myself. With this newfound journey into knowing myself, I must hold a protective space to allow my growth to flourish.

By observing the wisdom of a turtle, I am able to mirror its ability to go inward and be protected or swim in the water with grace and strength. I am learning that I too need time to retreat in solitude and practice self-love, as much as I need to be courageous and bold to ride the waves of life like a confident surfer.

The sun, ocean and my love for surfing have become my place of meditation, contemplation and a sanctuary. I am most at home by the ocean where I can hear my inner voice.


EPISODE 4 | The Witch Meets The Death Valley

Zabriskie Point and I have had a romantic love affair since my childhood from watching the movie Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni. So of course, one of my most desired travel destination upon my arrival in Southern California was the Death Valley - Zabriskie Point. Funny enough, no one in California knew about this place and Death Valley was not the ideal destination for them. But I knew I had to inspire these Californians, my friends who are actually witches like me, to venture out of their comfort zones and see the beauty of Zabriskie Point.

The adventure began with a road trip into the dusty yet tranquil ambiance of the Death Valley. A place where magic can be created by three witches bonding and sharing life stories. In this peaceful setting, without a trace of civilization, we brewed some mystical magic potions and invoked wisdom of our sorcery to purify each other.

If magic is something you believe in and create, we with purpose intended our mission. A witch and her manifestation abilities with pure intentions can heal and create magical spells.


EPISODE 5 | The Jungle Meets The Trampoline

Finding beauty in the little things is what nourishes my soul. It makes me appreciate the days in which the fog seems to tarnish the confidence in myself. In those days I try to match the same vibrations of the little things in which I recognize the beauty, that I cannot see in myself instead. I use them as a mirror, and match their higher positive frequencies.

When you feel poisoned by your self-doubts, the medicine is losing yourself in a melodic jungle or dance barefoot in a giant flower dress. Collect inspiring quotes in a notebook, romantic poems, vintage melodic vinyl, or dreamy moments. Drink a cocktail from an oyster, make a time travel in your grandmother’s closet and create a space in your house as your healing temple.

Everything can be used as a power source and appears to your eyes in a more playful way, if you change the perspective in which you look at it. No matter where you are. Be able to enjoy the world around you by being present. Rediscover the importance of practicing a child-like playfulness, as that simple act, can transform the darkest day into gratitude. That’s how I turned one of my dark days into light, practicing playfulness, jumping on an unexpected green trampoline at the sunset, in a magic California bay.


EPISODE 6 | The Blue Meets The Light

Inspired by the sound of the ocean, we can find our lost creativity. When did we lose our childhood imagination? I remember that when I was younger I spent a lot of time writing dreamlike stories, creating oniric novels, and thanks to that memory I have found the strength to start writing again, songs this time.
When you feel free to create and dedicate time and energy to your imagination, you are embracing and bringing out one of your greatest power.

Too many times I let the frustration take me down, but the phase of creation can't be rushed. We need to be gentle with ourselves and keep practice every day what we love. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and have faith that your final result, a painting, a song, will be at its best version at the right time.

LOSE CONTROL. This is actually the best thing we can do to shine. Let go of control and be ourselves at the maximum of our potential. Life is a journey to become kids again, when we didn't feel any limit, but we were just the honest version of ourselves, without caring about other people's judgment. When you let go of your self-judgment, you switch to self-acceptance and self-love, and you become light.


EPISODE 7 | The Little Girl Meets The Golden Woman

Is there anything more precious than sing for the people we love? Is there anything more bright than a woman who's deeply trying to explore herself? My last days in California made me realize how much our lives can be full of blessings when we let our inner light shine in the world with no shame. 

This is just the beginning of my personal journey, from the little girl I used to be in Italy, to the Golden Woman I've started becoming in California. Los Angeles was for me a new universe, in which my mind has found the space to start new creative processes, full of musical notes, colors, and imagination.

Behind the masks that we use to wear when we remain in our comfort zone, we all are diamonds in the rough, waiting to become the pure light hidden in our heart.